Cloud Services

Etrenzik Managed Services provides a full suite of hosted and cloud-based solutions to reduce your IT costs and your business risks.

We make “IT” in the cloud!

Managed cloud computing reduces or eliminates the need for businesses and organizations to maintain their own costly infrastructure while answering the call for greener technology, greater security, leaner operations and less headaches. This is achieved by virtualizing a company’s entire system, placing all servers, software applications (even proprietary apps) and files into a “cloud”, offsite in a highly secured, state-of-the-art data center accessible from anywhere 24x7x365. The result is oft-times measurable in tens of thousands of dollars saved annually. Up to 95% savings in electric bills legitimately allow businesses to consider themselves “green” as well. Companies also benefit from substantially increased operational efficiencies and elevated, redundancy in data security. Uptime is guaranteed 99.999% of the time so losses in revenue due to server crashes disappear altogether, resulting in incalculable savings.